Pantene combats prejudice against menopausal women with influencer-led campaign

Ads were created for World Menopause Day to promote range aimed at older women

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Oct 18, 2021

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It's World Menopause Day today, and Procter & Gamble's Pantene is taking the moment to call attention to how society can be prejudiced against older women and their hair in the latest from its "#MyHairWontBeSilenced" campaign. 

PR agency Pretty Green worked with photographer Elizabeth Hoff to capture portraits of menopausal content creators Emily Murray, Allison Sadler and Stacey Duguid. Pantene is using the images on social media with the hashtag #MyHairWon'tBeSilenced, to promote its Hair Biology Menopause Revitalize & Soothe collection. 

The brand conducted research that showed that 48% of British women admit that the fear of being mocked or judged, or society's expectations in general, has influenced their hairstyle or how they dress. Pantene also discovered that almost half (46%) of people admit to having judged older women based on their hair.

“The menopause is so often lazily positioned as the juncture between ‘young’ and ‘old’, binding women to an unwritten rule book of how they must ‘now’ dress, act and wear their hair—otherwise facing judgement and labels," said Hoff in a statement. "I often see this judgment creeping into my shoots with women over a certain age. It takes an extremely confident woman to free herself from this collective (often unconscious) judgement. Having faced some of these challenges myself, I was excited to work with Pantene to showcase the incredible energy of each of these empowering women. It’s time to change the labels and the conversation. Through this campaign we want to inspire menopausal women to reclaim their power and sense of self.”

The push is the second in Pantene’s series of "#MyHairWontBeSilenced" purpose-led activations; last year it partnered with Black Minds Matter to highlight discrimination against Afro hair in the U.K.