Order in Color at Monaco's Amazing 'Pantone Cafe'

Menu Items, Decor and Cups Are All Color Coded

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Jul 27, 2015

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Design-loving visitors to Monaco this summer will have the chance to order in color at a pop-up cafe inspired by Pantone's hues. At the Pantone Cafe, which has been opened by the Monaco Restaurant Group and will be open until September 9, not only the decor but the menu follows the Pantone color system, created by Lawrence Herbert in 1963.

Customers can choose, for example, to have a Black Coffee (Pantone 19-111), a Decadent Chocolate eclair (Pantone 19-1625) or a Green Salad (Pantone 15-5534). Meanwhile the cups, espresso machines and napkins all come in Pantone colors too. Not sure, however, if Minion Yellow cake made it into the mix.


Jul 27, 2015
Monaco Restaurant Group
Monaco Restaurant Group

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