This PSA shows the toxic effect of opioid addition on a marriage

Campaign via Terri & Sandy also includes OOH and print ads highlighting that there is hope for addicts

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Aug 23, 2019

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A new campaign by nonprofit Partnership for Drug Free Kids depicts the toxic effect of opioid addiction, not on the addict themselves, but on those around them.

In this case it's the parents, whose marriage comes under strain over their son's addicion; the father wants to take a hard line while the mother insists, "I will never abandon my son." The national TV ad along with two print executions is running nationally, and the broadcast will also run across digital and social. 

The print ads feature simple silhouettes of parents as they contemplate heart-wrenching questions, like “Should we empty our son’s college fund to pay for rehab?” and “Is giving my daughter money to buy food helping her buy drugs?” The campaign directs parents to the nonprofit’s website,, “where families find answers.”

A second campaign by the organization takes a slightly different approach: called “Hope Lives,” outdoor ads use typography to turn stories of hopelessness into positivity, inspiring parents to have hope that their kids can turn their lives around and recover from addiction.

The campaign is by Terri & Sandy, with the TV spot directed by Mark Pellington of Washington Square Films.

“As we worked on this project, we were constantly struck with the impossible questions parents face, if their children are struggling with an opioid addiction,” saysTerri Meyer, co-founder and co-CEO of the agency. “Every day, they must make agonizing decisions that can take a tremendous toll on their marriage and their lives. Our goal was to capture these moments with great empathy and authenticity and offer help and hope from Partnership for Drug-Free Kids.”