Patagonia Says It's Got the Best Weed in Town

The Company Gets Off on a Little Stoner Humor

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Aug 04, 2014

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In keeping with this month's pot theme, California-based outdoor apparel company Patagonia has released this ad to promote its R2 and R3 wetsuit-- the latest in a series of plant-based designs made in partnership with biomaterial company Yulex. While wetsuits are typically made of neoprene, Patagonia's are predominantly plant-based, being comprised of a 60-40 guayule to neoprene blend. The environmentally conscious company has said it intends to gradually eliminate its use of neoprene due to the material's potentially harmful effect on the environment.

With this ad, produced in-house, the company playfully demands attention by alluding to marijuana in order to show off the guayule plant, which can't actually be smoked, but is crucial to the suits' production. Patagonia shows its commitment to the ganja joke, though, with a somewhat obscure "Dazed and Confused" reference. The company confirms the "Martha Washington would be proud" line below the Yulex logo in the bottom right corner (get a closer look on Patagonia's site) was added in homage to this little stoner moment from Richard Linklater's '90s cult classic