Pick of the Day: Opel Let People Pay for a New Car With YouTube Views

Campaign by JWT Turned Videos Into a Currency

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Nov 06, 2017

Editor's Pick

An innovative Dutch campaign by European car brand Opel has been targeting millennials by turning YouTube into a currency. The campaign, by JWT Amsterdam, let people buy new cars using views of videos they uploaded of test drives.

The brand, which was sold by General Motors to PSA Group earlier this year, asked people in the Netherlands to upload creative videos of themselves driving an Opel, and then promote their videos. If they got a certain amount of YouTube views, they could use them to buy a car; the more views, the more expensive an Opel model they could get. For example, 739,600 views would get you an Opel Corsa or 922,800 an Opel Astra. Dutchman Yuri Schuurkes was the first winner, buying himself an Opel Astra when his test drive film racked up 4.1 million views.

The campaign was overseen by creative partner Bas Korsten (a former Creativity 50 honoree). Opel is now looking to roll it out across Europe.