Pedigree helps new singles match with dogs that are the complete opposite of their exes

‘Rebound Dogs’ asserts love at first sight still exists—at your local shelter

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Apr 15, 2024
A dog's paw being held by a human's hand.

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Breakups are tough, but being reminded of your ex everywhere you go is straight-up torture. 

Thanks to pet food brand Pedigree’s latest campaign from BBDO, your next companion can be the total opposite of your ex. 

Earlier this month, Pedigree launched “Rebound Dogs,” an initiative that makes it possible to adopt a dog that is the exact statistical opposite of your ex. To find the perfect, not-like-your-ex match, prospective dog owners can input the characteristics of the person they’re looking to get over into a dedicated microsite and get matched with an adoptable dog in their area. 

In addition to the program, the comedic campaign kicked off with two 15-second ads that show a life of love can be found for both human and dog, just like in the movies. Call it “love at first sight,” if you will, found at your local shelter. 


With the campaign, the brand aims to get more dogs adopted by celebrating the moment where people find the perfect shelter dog to adopt. 

The ads will run across TV, online video and social media in English and Spanish. A print ad shows a human and dog holding paws as it asserts that “love at first sight still exists.”