Pedigree's heartwarming holiday spot is narrated by the family pet

Campaign by BBDO also includes 'carols for dogs' on Spotify

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Nov 15, 2018

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It's not just all about the human family this holidays; dogs are finally getting a look-in on the holiday season in advertising. So far, we've seen Cesar's "twinning" project make matching Christmas sweaters for humans and their pooches, and now here's a heartwarming holiday spot from Pedigree in which the season is seen through the eyes of the family pet.

Created via Colenso BBDO New Zealand and BBDO New York, the film is narrated by the dog, who thinks of the holidays as the "season of good dog," in which he's the center of attention as the humans celebrate his arrival with a tree for his love of sticks, baubles for his love of fetch and paper for his love of ripping. However, that all changes when a newcomer, an adorable puppy whom he names "Awww," makes an appearance in the family, threatening his role at the center of the celebrations. 

The film is supported by an album of holiday carols for dogs on Spotify (titles include "Deck the Halls with Things to Bark At" and "Bark! The cat is in my yard."). Pedigree is also making a limited run of "Season of Good Dog" themed products, including paw-shaped stockings, park and slipper scented wrapping paper, tug of war poppers, tennis baubles, singing greeting cards, and MistleSTIX, a twist on mistletoe for dogs.