Pepsi alters Shaq’s sneakers to transport a soda can

Vintage Reebok Shaq Attaq retooled with Pepsi colors, logos and a mini-can chamber

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Feb 20, 2024
Pepsi 'Sneak'er

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It wasn’t the only noteworthy sneaker stunt to go off over the weekend but Pepsi’s is the only new shoe that can also transport a soda, bringing new form and function to Shaquille O’Neal’s vintage Reebok Shaq Attaq shoes.

The beverage giant unveiled the souped-up kicks on Monday after O’Neal showed them off during NBA All-Star Weekend in Indianapolis. Custom footwear shop The Shoe Surgeon retooled vintage Shaq Attaq pairs from O'Neal’s personal inventory. The renamed “Sneak’ers” feature Pepsi’s electric blue and black palette, a Pepsi logo where Reebok’s famous “Pump” was, a Pepsi pattern on the insole, and in the sole, a leather chamber just large and deep enough to nestle a Pepsi mini-can. O’Neal, a longtime Pepsi pitchman, reunited with the brand last year to push the 7.5 -ounce mini-cans, a fast-growing package size for Pepsi.

While Donald Trump’s new kicks went on sale for $399, Pepsi is giving away 22 pairs of “Sneak’ers.” Fans can enter through Feb. 25, by posting a photo or video on social media showcasing their own love for Pepsi Minis, using the hashtags #PepsiMinis and #Sweepstakes.

Tracy Locke, Genesco Sports, Acceleration Community of Companies and The Shoe Surgeon worked on the promotion.