PepsiCo tested its spiciest snacks in a Mexican town whose name doubles as a curse word

The agency Isla Mexico City filmed reactions to Xtra Flamin’Hot in the long-suffering village of La Chingada

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May 16, 2023
A man standing next to a sign reading La Chingada in the middle of the desert

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In Mexico, to “go to la chingada” means, more or less, to fuck off or go to hell—it’s a kind of all-purpose outburst to express negativity. Now, with help from agency Isla Mexico City, PepsiCo is actually going to La Chingada, a village in the Mexican state of Veracruz—to test the “Xtra Spicy” versions of its Xtra Flamin’Hot snacks, which themselves can lead to obscene outbursts upon eating.

Santiago Dulce of Primo Productions shot footage for the resulting four-minute-plus film below. (There are also shorter pieces for social.) We meet a number of the locals, who are all confident at first that they can handle the Xtra Flamin’Hot Cheetos, Doritos and other brands.

Soon, though, they beging coughing in pain and regret. And before long, they’re living up to their town’s name by letting a string of curse words fly.


The piece is a nice mix of gritty documentary and outlandish storytelling. Focusing on curse words was the insight behind an earlier campaign last year; this work is a continuation of that.

“It shows the way in which, together with our brands, we listen to consumers and seek creative and disruptive ways to connect with them,” said Rodrigo Treviño, brand manager, and Paola Hernandez, senior director of Xtra Flamin’Hot, at PepsiCo Mexico. “In this occasion, we managed to show that connection in this authentic and fun piece that elevates our narrative and the pungency power of Xtra Flamin’Hot in a memorable film that is relevant to our audiences.” 

Mariano Gamba and Rodrigo Greco, executive creative directors at Isla, said the people from La Chingada loved the idea and saw the film as a kind of tribute to them.

“They were very warm with all of us, and that made us so proud,” the ECDs said. “An amazing experience. And we feel that the result reflects it.” 


May 16, 2023
Client :
PepsiCo Xtra Flamin’Hot
Client :
Agency :
Chief Creative Officer :
Ariel Serkin
Chief Creative Officer :
Rodrigo Grau
Chief Strategy Officer :
Mariano Serkin
Managing Director :
Victoria Clucellas
Executive Creative Director :
Mariano Gamba
Executive Creative Director :
Rodrigo Greco
Creative Director :
Ignacio Jimenez
Creative Director :
Patricio Ramirez
Copywriter :
Tomas Duhalde
Grouper PM :
Karen Cortés
Project Manager :
Daniela Galindo
Head of Production :
Coqui Gimenez Uriburu
Production House :
Primo Content
Director :
Santi Dulce
Managing Director :
Jaime Vidal
Head of Production :
Omar Uscanga
Executive Producer :
Valeria Ascencio
Assistant Executive Producer :
Paula Rojas
Farhad Ghaderi
Line Producer :
Patricio Lopez
Production Design :
Mica Urrutia
Wardrobe Stylist :
Greta Forte
Makeup :
Alicia Spears
Sound :
Israel Jiménez
Post-production Coordinator :
Nancy Bravo
Editor :
Miguel Colombo
Color Grading :
Sam Gilling
Soundtrack :
Papa Music
Soundtrack :
Los Trovadores Xalapeños
Sound Design Company :
Sound Design Company :
Papa Music
SVP & General Manager :
Hernan Tantardini
Brand Director :
Paola Hernandez
Senior Brand Manager :
Rodrigo Treviño
Senior Coordinator :
Karla Aguilar
Producer :
Salomón Levi
Producer :
Melissa Hernández Vega
Producer :
Missael Arias

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