This campaign bombards U.S. governors with payment requests to highlight the 'tampon tax'

TBWA\Chiat\Day LA created effort to draw attention to the extra money people pay on period products

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Oct 18, 2022

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Period a global nonprofit fighting for menstrual equity, is going on the offensive in the movement to end the continued existence of the so-called “tampon tax” across 22 states with a new campaign launched in partnership with the agency TBWA\Chiat\Day LA. 

The campaign focuses on the fact that, for the 16.9 million menstruating Americans who live in poverty, tough spending decisions are exacerbated by the monthly need to purchase period products like pads and tampons—which, in many states, are made more expensive by a sales tax of up to 7% charged on them. 

The #PeriodPayback campaign, launched on Oct. 8 to correspond with the organization's annual “Period Action Day,” urges individuals across the U.S. to challenge governors of these 22 states to repeal their tampon taxes by sending payment requests to their public government emails via apps like Venmo, Cash App and Zelle. 

To draw attention to the exorbitant costs associated with these taxes, Period encouraged participants to align their payment requests with these costs—for example, charging Texas Gov. Greg Abbott $2,860 to reflect the collective $28.6 million that the tampon tax charges Texan menstruators each year. 

“Greg, if your 🍆 bled, would that tax exist?!” an indignant sample payment request from Period reads. Over 1.3 million low-income Texans face “period poverty,” or the inability to afford menstrual products, according to the organization. 

“Until folks can bleed in peace, you don’t deserve peace,” the organization’s mock up request to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp proclaims. “Axe the tax!” 

Along with these payment requests, the campaign also joined marches across the U.S. organized by the Women’s March movement on Oct. 8. At the march located in Washington, D.C., TBWA\Chiat\Day LA captured photos and video of members of Period, carrying bright red signs labeled with #PeriodPayback and QR codes that directed individuals to information about the costs associated with the tampon tax, which add up to an annual $110 million across the U.S.

Period also shared several posts across its Instagram, TikTok and Twitter highlighting the campaign and encouraging people to use the campaign’s hashtag to share their own payment requests to governors in the 22 states with a tampon tax.



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“Right now, 22 states still tax period products, but it’s their 22 governors doing the taxing,” Kristi Lira, senior copywriter at TBWA\Chiat\Day LA, said in an email. “Emotional pleas haven’t worked, so it’s time for dollars, cents and a little bit of trolling. We want to rally people together to hold these politicians accountable and help us get #PeriodPayback for the millions of Americans experiencing period poverty.”



Oct 18, 2022
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