Pete Davidson becomes the new face (and other parts) of Manscaped

The new brand partner and shareholder ad-libs naughty taglines in first commercial

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Jul 11, 2022

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Pete Davidson is no stranger to comedy—and his latest partnership brings out his raunchy comedic abilities. 

Davidson is the new face of Manscaped, a popular men’s grooming company, and in his first campaign, he’s tasked with finding the best tagline for the shaving brand’s “Lawn Mower 4.0 trimmer,” designed for trimming the groin area. 

The former SNL star is draped with a black silk robe in a bathroom filled with Manscaped products while he tosses off sayings including “Let’s show them how hairless we could be boys,” then explaining how he has a “hot date” later. “Presentation matters,” Davidson jokes and follows it up with “Don't make me get specific, because I will.” 

Davidson pretends to use the product and says “I’ve been using this guy long enough to where I think it’s time we go into business together." The video ends with Davidson saying, “Meet the new face, among other parts, of Manscaped.”

The 30-second spot is the first from Davidson’s new four-year deal with the brand, which also announced that he is a shareholder, too. The company said this campaign is “Just a taste” of what’s to come, adding that it will “Bring more sketches, more campaigns and many more laughs.”

“For a creative, working with Pete and his team has been an amazing experience—I would daresay that it has been the deepest creative collaboration with a celebrity that I have experienced,” Marcelo Kertész, senior VP of creative, branding and product design at Manscaped, said in a statement. “Because of his real-life love for Manscaped and The Lawn Mower, he just knows exactly what we stand for. And his delivery … well, it’s pure Pete Davidson’s style comedy.”

The campaign was made in-house at Manscaped, which was founded in 2016 by Paul Tran.