Philadelphia made 'schmear socks' inspired by Nike's bagel shoes

Campaign by Rethink jumps on a fashion-meets-food moment

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Jan 18, 2023
Philadelphia Cream Cheese branded socks

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Philadelphia Cream Cheese is jumping on a weird fashion-meets-food moment in its latest campaign; after Nike launched a pair of shoes inspired by the Montreal bagel, it's made some socks to go with them. 

The limited edition "Philly Schmear Socks," which according to the brand are "designed to appeal to sneakerheads and carb-lovers alike,"  have the look and texture of gently smeared cream cheese. They will be available in a three-pack of flavors – Original, Chive & Onion and Strawberry – packaged in the style of Philly’s cream cheese containers. 

Philly is promoting the socks on Instagram; and like all sneaker drops, they will be released to a small number of fans across North America online. People are encouraged to keep tabs on where they will be able to purchase the socks as a bundle for $10.99 once dropped. 

The campaign, by Rethink, is another piece of buzzy work for the Kraft Heinz brand that has also recently included a fiery-hot cream cheese variant for Friday 13th. Philly also leaned into the "Cake is Everything" meme in a holiday campaign by Gut.