Philadelphia Cream Cheese spoofs a gaming console ad to promote a cheesecake kit

Tongue-in-cheek campaign by Gut suggests the 'Philly Series 5' as a holiday gift

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Nov 18, 2020

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Philadelphia Cream Cheese is hoping its new cheesecake kit will be a popular holiday gift under the tree this year. And just to make sure, it's marketing it like it's the latest games console.

A new campaign from agency Gut for the Kraft Heinz brand styles the $4.99 kit, which comes with a baking pan as well as ingredients in special tech-style packaging, as the "Philly Series 5." As Sony's PS5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series X drop for this gift-giving season, the spot spoofs console marketing with claims of "3D cookie crumb technology" and "the latest dual egg processor" as well as the "five bricks of power" (aka packs of Philadelphia). 

Coming after innovations like Pumpkin Spice Mac & Cheese and its Heinz Ketchup Puzzle, it's another example of Kraft Heinz providing some fun food-related entertainment this year. While appealing to gaming fans, it's a good way of tapping into the pandemic baking craze.

“Nothing in the world moves faster than the technology curve, and we always strive to be at the forefront—both in our product and in the ways consumers experience the simple pleasure of Philadelphia,” said Basak Oguz, director of marketing at Philadelphia Cream Cheese, in a statement. “The Philly Series 5 is our way of moving at the speed of innovation, and bringing consumers the most delicious gift of the holiday season.”



Nov 18, 2020
Client :
Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Agency :
Director :
Basak Oguz
Brand Manager :
Erica Watkins
Senior Associate Brand Manager :
Keenan White
Analyst :
Christina Brown
Lead Equity & Platform Development Cheese & Dairy :
Anne Field
Senior Associate Brand Manager Equity & Platform Development Cheese & Dairy :
Patti Zaremba
Manager Culinary :
Lauren Bayer
Founder CCO :
Anselmo Ramos
COO Partner :
Paulo Fogaca
Chief Client Officer Partner :
Carmen Rodriguez
ECD Partner :
Ricardo Casal
ECD Partner :
Juan Javier Peña Plaza
Head of Art :
Guido Fusetti
Creative Director :
Jeff Hodgson
Creative Director :
Eliana Ferrer
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Leila Moussaoui
Senior Art Director :
Jose Ramirez
Senior Copywriter :
Jeff Schermer
Head of Production :
Renata Neumann
Senior Producer :
Alexandra Odriozola
Account Director :
Monique Beauchamp Estrella
Senior Account Executive :
Veronica Perez
Creative Manager :
Cristina Cornejo Ayala
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Sam Lemoine
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Sai He
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Nefari Steele
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Bruno Steffen
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Mike Bernstein
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Christian Heuer
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William Cubbon
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Andrew Wheeler
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Katie Hickman
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Lisa Martirosyan
Wardrobe :
Jolene Nava
1st AD :
Steve Bagnara
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Carmen Dianne
Hair :
Valene Mohahan
Brother :
Destin Flood
Brother :
D'trien Flood
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Charlie Morgan Patton
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Rajiv Sinha
Editorial :
Cosmo Street Editorial
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Nico Cragnolino
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Moving Forward Studios
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Oscar Martinez Asencio
Digital Studio :
Unicorns & Unicorns
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Adrianne McCurrach
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Joanna Shaw
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Sun Komen
Head of Digital :
Ralph Kuijpers
Art Director :
Mike Gallegos
Art Director :
B. Gosse
Industrial Designer :
Franco Barbieri

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