Vampires Bare Their Fangs Over Slow Internet Service

Spectrum Continues Its Funny Monster Campaign From Something Different and David Shane

Published On
Jul 13, 2017

Editor's Pick

Quotidian life might not always make for the best stories, unless the characters within are types more inclined to tearing off heads or biting necks. Spectrum's campaign that puts classic monsters in domestic scenarios continues with another hilarious vignette -- this time, focused on a vampire couple griping over their lagging internet connection.

We've all been there with Mrs. Vampire, who's been on hold with the phone company trying to make a complaint about her internet being "super slow. Like I've lived for a thousand eternities, and this feels slower," she says. Her better half then tries to inject his ten cents -- "Tell him the thing's spinning!" he insists, sending the pair into a familiar married-life tiff. Their ghoulish P.O.V. gives fresh comedic punch all the way to the spot's climax, when Mrs. V. considers taking an extreme approach to getting better customer service.

New York boutique Something Different and O Positive director David Shane delivered once again.