Watch this brand make Boring, Oregon less boring

Picsart partnered with local businesses in Boring, Oregon to up their marketing game

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Jan 19, 2022

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Everyone thinks their hometown is boring, but not many people can say their hometown is Boring, Oregon. To make it known the residents of Boring are far from dull (which is the name of the city’s sister town in Scotland), design app Picsart partnered with local small businesses to spice up their marketing.

In a Wes Anderson-esque series of adorable mini-documentaries made with agency Quality Meats, Boring native Sean guides viewers through the town and interviews real locals who aren’t capitalizing on the quirks of their setting. Sean says that the people of Boring are far from it, but they “just have a branding problem.”


Sean’s first stop is a local coffee shop called Boring Bean that sources coffee beans from around the world and brews in-house. It’s also run by competitive bodybuilder and fitness model Erika Hooper. While the coffee connoisseur/weightlifter sounds like an instant bestseller, her packaging needed to be re-energized. Using Picsart, Sean and Erika designed coffee bags that better represented her brand and her personality.


The campaign's next business in need of a makeover was the North American Bigfoot Center. Cliff Barackman, who has spent 27 years tailing the cryptid, is a jazz guitarist when he’s not educating Boring visitors on Sasquatch. While that sounds like a perfect formula for going viral, Barackman’s social media skills were far inferior to his beast-tracking skills. Using Picsart, he was able to redesign his posts to be far more ‘grammable.


Finally, a family-run theater called the Nutz and Boltz Theater Company needed some help with its advertising. Perhaps between putting on over 60 shows and a job as a government computer forensics expert, the senior Lazenbys didn’t have time for marketing materials. Luckily, their daughter was able to revamp their posters in Picsart to get more seats filled.

The stylish stories will run nationally on paid and owned social and locally in the Portland area on traditional OOH as well as in local movie theaters through the beginning of March.

More information can be found about the Boring business makeovers on the campaign’s landing site, and non-Oregon-specific OOH will run in San Francisco and New York with similar “unboring” messaging. The campaign also serves as a demo for Picsart’s creative tools and capabilities as it opens accessibility to commercial businesses both small and large.


Jan 19, 2022
Client :
Executive Creative Director :
Shachar Aylon
Lead Art Director :
Kevin Peth
Lead Copy :
Hunter Sommerville
Line Producer :
Melissa Reni
Line Producer :
Scott Lahn
Director of Production :
Winnie Wong
SVP Marketing :
Jeff Roberto
Director of Marketing Strategy :
Andrew Mak
Senior Media Strategy Lead :
Krystina King
Brand Marketing Manager :
Nora Campbell
Production :
Quality Meats
Co-Founders and Chief Creative Officer :
Gordy Sang
Co-Founders and Chief Creative Officer :
Brian Siedband
Co-Founder Head of Production :
Kacey Hart
Creative Director :
Jordan Bahat
Executive Producer :
Eric McCasline
Director of Photography :
Tyson Wisbrock
Art Director :
Adam Johnson
Stills Photographer :
Sage East
Editor :
Andrew Manne

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