Pinterest urges users to defy self-doubt in global campaign from Uncommon

First work from the U.K. agency includes films directed by Kim Gehrig, billboards and experiential activations

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Sep 12, 2022

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Pinterest will today drop a major global campaign that urges users of the platform to defy their fear of failure, ignore their inner doubts and try new things, all with the tagline "Don't don't yourself."

The first work for the platform by Uncommon Creative Studio, the campaign includes several films directed by Somesuch's Kim Gehrig that show people plagued by the voices of their inner selves. They touch on fear of taking risks, being judged by your inner critic and what others will say about you. There's even the threat of being nagged by your "internet-induced anxiety," in a hilarious spot that touches on "Doomscrolling." In each scenario, the protagonist finds a way of overcoming their inner doubts via an activity they've discovered on Pinterest. 

As well as running on TV and in cinemas, the campaign will include a series of out-of-home and digital ads and made-for-social films that highlight the “don’ts” our saboteurs tell us while showing the power of Pinterest to help us prevail. Billboards will run in locations in the U.S., U.K. and Germany, including Penn Station in New York to Waterloo Station in London. And in the run-up to World Mental Health Day on October 10, Pinterest will also be showcasing an experiential installation in New York called “Escape the Doomscroll with Pinterest.”

Pinterest "Don't don't yourself" billboards

The campaign is designed to highlight Pinterest's mantra of "doing" as opposed to simply viewing, and how that can help people to conquer self-doubt and inner self-censorship. "​​We spend up to half of our waking time online, but more than ever, people say being online makes them feel disconnected from themselves and their interests,” said Andréa Mallard, Pinterest chief marketing officer, in a statement. “Our latest campaign highlights how Pinterest is a different side of the Internet, where you can focus more on doing and less on viewing, where you can find what you love and forget about likes and where you can plan your life and try something new, free of judgment.”

Lucy Jameson, co-founder at Uncommon said the campaign addresses "the toxicity of much of the internet and what to do about it."

"Pinterest can help by providing an antidote to so many of the ills of social media," she added. "It’s commonly known as the positive side of the internet. Because instead of being all about image and comparison; it’s about ideas and creativity. It’s a community and an algorithm built around doing, not judging. Our first campaign is the opening chapter in a story which shows just how different Pinterest is from other platforms."

Despite the death of Queen Elizabeth on Thursday, a spokeswoman for Pinterest confirmed the campaign would kick off today in the U.K. as planned, saying: "After thoughtful consideration for the moment, we will launch our campaign in the U.K. on Monday, similar to other brands who are resuming their advertising."


Pinterest "Don't don't yourself" billboards, multiple