Pizza Hut makes Valentine’s breakups easier with ‘Goodbye Pies’ in first work from Mischief

Ease the pain when you break the news to your partner—by sending them a sweet yet spicy Hot Honey pizza

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Feb 07, 2024
A person handing another person a Pizza Hut "Goodbye Pie"

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Pizza Hut is out with its first work from Mischief, which was recently named the chain’s social AOR—a Valentine’s Day campaign that involves sending a pizza to your partner to ease their pain as you’re breaking up with them.

They’re called “Goodbye Pies,” and they’re not just any pizza. They’re Pizza Hut’s new sweet yet spicy Hot Honey pizza—a perfect gift for delivering spicy news in a sweet way, according to the chain. (Hey, it certainly beats a text message.)

A Goodbye Pie box as seen from above

Goodbye Pie are available through Feb. 14 at in three cities—New York, Chicago and Miami. If you’re outside those cities, the website can write a breakup text message for you to send (wait, we said no texting!) along with a gift card to redeem a free Hot Honey pizza.

The campaign is based around the insight that more breakups happen around Valentine’s Day than you might expect, with 45% of people agreeing it’s better to break up before the big day, if you’re leaning in that direction, per a poll.

“Valentine’s day is an absolute landmine in the dating field. You have to decide if you’re serious enough to buy them a present or if you’re shameless enough to end things right before the big day. There’s really no way to win,” said Dana Buckhorn, a creative director at Mischief who helped create the idea with partner Tanner Thompson.

“So for our first project for Pizza Hut, we wanted to tap into that cultural truth and turn that lose-lose into a win-win. Not only does the dump-er not have to deliver the news themselves, the dump-ee gets a free Hot Honey pizza to soften the blow. Surprise, pizza solves all your problems once again.”

An Goodbye Pie box revealing the pizza inside

"The rising popularity of the sweet-heat flavor profile has led to Hot Honey becoming the most requested test item by our team members, and we are thrilled to have it as the newest addition to our menu,” shared Lindsay Morgan, chief marketing officer at Pizza Hut. "With the launch of Goodbye Pies, we are bringing that perfect blend of sweet and heat experience to real life, delivering spicy news in the sweetest way for Valentine’s Day.”