Pizza Hut topples dominoes in an ambitious dig at UK rival you-know-who

The first work from Iris pushes the chain's delivery and taste bona fides

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Jan 03, 2019

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In the U.K., Domino’s is the pizza chain to beat. So it only makes sense that a new campaign from Pizza Hut takes firm aim at its rival with an obvious visual metaphor: a long row of blue dominoes toppling in the wake of a Pizza Hut spokesman. Apparently, many Brits don’t know that Pizza Hut delivers its pies, so Iris has set out to inform them, in the agency’s first work for the brand since winning the creative and strategy accounts last year.

The decidedly American John Marshall Jones plays multiple roles across five different 20-second spots, which, when combined, form a fully cohesive 2-minute clip of fast-talking and Rube Goldberg-style machinations. A desk turns into a delivery scooter, a living room becomes a gallery and a courtroom morphs into curbside parking. Through it all, the blue dominoes fall, one after the other.

Jones walks viewers through the Hut Rewards loyalty plan, which offers free pizza for eating pizza, as well as the chain’s £5 pizza specials and the Thirty Minute Speed guarantee (reminiscent of the “30 Minutes or Less” guarantee Domino’s ended in the ‘90s).

The campaign launched the day after Christmas and running online, along with additional 6-second spots on Facebook and YouTube.


Jan 03, 2019
Client :
Pizza Hut
Agency :
General Manager :
Neil Manhas
Sales and Marketing Director :
Beverley D’Cruz
Chief Creative Officer :
Shaun McIlrath
Creative Team :
Lou Bougue
Creative Team :
Rupert Thornborough
Executive Planning Director :
Ben Essen
Managing Partner :
Ian Bradbury
Group Account Director :
Isabelle Taylor
Executive Producer :
Adam Walker
Production Company :
Agile Films
Director :
Fatal Farm
Edit House :
Final Cut
Editor :
Ed Cheeseman
Post Production :
Electric Theatre Collective
Audio Post Production :
Audio Factory
Audio Editor :
Dan Beckwith

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