This pizza chain made (pizza) pie charts to show it caters to everyone

Canadian chain Pizza Pizza worked with Zulu Alpha Kilo on fun outdoor campaign

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Aug 18, 2022
Pizza divided into a pie chart.

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Canadian pizza chain Pizza Pizza is out with a fun outdoor and social campaign that uses pizzas divided into pie charts to illustrate its slogan that "everyone deserves pizza."

The restaurant brand worked with Zulu Alpha Kilo on the campaign, which features over 60 different executions tailored across relevant contextual placements.

Pizza divided into a pie chart for yoga people.


The pie charts feature some witty observations. For example, a social placement shows a pie chart made up of "Facebook users, Twitter users, and the notably smaller group of Myspace users."  A highway billboard compares "People who carpool" with "People with pools" in their cars’. One poster contrasts "People who say Toronto’ with ‘People who say Turronno"—an ongoing local debate. And one of our favorites contrasts "Fans of plays about cats" with "Fans of movies based on plays about cats" in a reference to the 2019 "Cats" movie. 



Pizza Pizza ad of a pizza divided into a pie chart for people who carpool.

The ads are running across social, programmatic display, city-specific digital out-of-home sites and bus wraps. Along with ads running in Toronto, the campaignfeatures bespoke headlines targeted to the Quebec market, developed by agency partner The French Shop.

Billboard of pizzas divided into a pie chart.


“As the brand that aims to represent all Canadians’ pizza-related wants and needs, the pizza pie charts are the perfect demonstration of our commitment," said Adrian Fuoco, vice president marketing at Pizza Pizza, in a statement. "At the same time, we wanted to stay true to our brand personality and bring some levity to Canadians.”


Pizza Pizza ad of a pizza divided into a pie chart for lumberjacks.

"Using contextually relevant headlines demonstrates Pizza Pizza’s understanding of Canadians in a playful but insightful way,” added Brian Murray, executive creative director at Zulu Alpha Kilo.

Tram with Pizza Pizza ads on it of pizzas divided into a pie chart.


Pizza divided into a pie chart for Raptors fans.



Aug 18, 2022
Client :
Pizza Pizza
Agency :
Zulu Alpha Kilo
Chief Creative Officer :
Zak Mroueh
Executive Creative Director :
Brian Murray
Associate Creative Director/ Copywriter :
Jonah Flynn
Associate Creative Director/Art Director :
Michael Siegers
Designer :
Ana-Marija Vlahovic
Account Team :
Alyssa Guttman
Account Team :
Erika Dafoe
Planning Team :
Heather Segal
Planning Team :
Cameron Fleming
Client :
Adrian Fuoco
Client :
Amber Winters
Client :
Raymond Luk
Client :
Adam Williamson
Client :
Susanna Rodrigues
Media Agency :
Media Experts
Media Team :
Nicolle Williams
Media Team :
Matthew Traynor
Producer :
Tim Lynch
Production House :
Studio Artist :
Jeanette Downes

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