Play basketball on these 'Space Jam' billboards

Warner Bros. French campaign created out of We Are Social 'actively' hypes the new film

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Jul 14, 2021

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The “Space Jam” sequel marketing blowout continues as the film’s debut (July 16 in the U.S.) approaches. Along with the many brand collaborations, Warner Bros. is also doing its own promotions, including this delightfully simple campaign running in France.

The outdoor push created out of We Are Social comprises typical movie-style billboards, but with a little something extra—on the front of each is a basketball net, which passers-by can use to shoot some hoops.

Space Jam Billboard

The billboards are set up on the street and outside of movie theaters—so presumably, those waiting in line can get a few shots in before they head inside to watch.

We Are Social parked with outdoor media agency JCDecaux and TalentGroup on the campaign. The film is set to debut in France on July 21.

Space Jam Billboard