Google Turns Your Words Into Poetry With an Interactive Billboard

Installation in London's King's Cross Uses Google Speech Platform

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Aug 27, 2015

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Commuting may not be exactly poetic, but in London, Google is trying to help, with an interactive billboard in a train station that turns commuters' words into lines of poetry.

The Poetrics project consists of microphones placed on 17 LED panels at King's Cross station (which is next door to Google's new HQ). Commuters speak into them and the billboard uses Google's voice search technology and the Google Speech platform to recognise what is being said, then turning it into random lines of poetry.

Poetrics is the result of a competition run in partnership with University of the Arts London's Central Saint Martins school of art, and was designed by students Laura Ventura Ricart, Yunqi Cai and Emily Kimura.

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