Smell the Scent of Popcorn While Playing Pop Secret's Mobile Game, Thanks to the Pop Dongle

Swipe the Butter in Poptopia, Smell the Sweet Smell of Popcorn

Published On
Dec 06, 2013

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Pop Secret and Deutsch Los Angeles have for the last year been coming up with innovative digital ways to change your popcorn-eating experience, via Pop Secret Labs. There was Pop Search, a browser add-on that searched the Web to find the best place to watch a movie online, a Rotten Tomatoes partnership to help viewers find like-minded critics and an app to prevent your popcorn from ever burning again.

But this might be the one that tops them all.

Pop Dongle is a mobile phone attachment that emits the sweet-and-salty smell of popcorn as you play the brand's mobile game, Poptopia, available for iPhone and iPod Touch. The game asks you to pop kernels, and everytime you swipe the butter inside the game, the Dongle will emit a spritz of popcorn scent. How did they do it? The dongle plugs into the audio jack, so the game emits a certain frequency signalling it to go ahead and spread the smell. Deeplocal, the tech production company known for projects like Nike's "Chalkbot," developed the technology for the dongle.

Pop Secret's first non-edible product is being tested in the market -- the company has created three limited edition Dongles being auctioned off on eBay, with proceeds going to the American Red Cross.