Pornhub started selling hand sanitizer—just don’t confuse it with something else

The branded disinfectants go hand-in-hand with the streaming service’s coronavirus efforts so far

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Jul 02, 2020

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Since the coronavirus began, Pornhub has been focusing on keeping people clean, ironically. The brand launched a parody site called “Scrubhub” with videos of people washing their hands nonstop, has put out multiple seductive safety messages, donated 50,000 surgical masks to coronavirus responders and made premium content free so people would stay home and watch more porn. The NSFW streaming site’s latest stunt fits hand-in-hand with its clean vibes. Pornhub is now selling its own hand sanitizer direct-to-consumer.

With disinfectants still in high demand as cases go back on the upswing, Pornhub joins beauty brands like Bathing Culture and Vegamour in debuting a hand sanitizer for the public. Other beer and alcohol brands like Anheuser-Busch, Tikos Vodka, Bacardi and Brewdog have made their own hand sanitizers that were then donated to healthcare facilities.

Pornhub’s hand sanitizer comes in a pack of three two-ounce bottles for $15, or a pack of three four-ounce bottles for $18. It’s a little pricey considering you can buy one two ounce container at the drugstore for less than $2, but far cheaper than the $70 price-gorged two ounce bottles you can still discover on Amazon.

Consumers can find them on where the brand also sells beach towels, socks and “Stay Home” items, the proceeds of which go to the WHO Solidarity Response Fund.

Pornhub is promoting the hand sanitizer on its social channels.The product debuts as the service comes under fire for featuring videos of sex-trafficked victims and videos with racist titles and search terms. 

Readers be warned: You might not want to keep it in your bedside table–with the Pornhub label and entirely black container, you may confuse it for something else and if so will be in for an uncomfortable, painful surprise.