Pornhub uses A.I. to remaster vintage x-rated films

Officer & Gentleman colorizes 'nipples, penises and turn-of-the-century bush' for erotic content platform's latest campaign

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May 19, 2021

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Pornography is as old as film itself, dating back to the birth of motion pictures in 1800s. While way back then a kiss was classified as “porn,” the definition of what falls under the category quickly expanded to all sorts of kink, the full array of which you can now easily find on Pornhub. To promote its own diversity of content, the X-rated platform and its agency, Madrid-based Officer & Gentleman, dug into the annals of erotic film, going back more than a century to bring some of the classics back, remastered, with the help of A.I.

In the effort, titled “Remastured,” Pornhub used the existing content on its own site to “train” its A.I. platform to colorize vintage porn for modern-day viewers.



According the agency, this was no-easy feat. Sure, A.I. colorization has become a standard postproduction technique on antique footage. But in the case of dealing with “nipples, penises and all the turn-of-the-century bush, the algorithms simply lack the experience,” the agency says. That’s because the data used to inform such A.I. until now, has been from safe-for-work images.  Informing A.I. with the Pornhub collection was key to making the ages-old collection come to life. 


Pornhub and Officer & Gentleman worked with creative production studio Espadaysantacruz on the project, which comprises 20 updates scenes from the 1890’s to the 1940’s originally captured by cinematic pioneers including Thomas Edison and George Méliès. See the full, NSFW "Remastured" film library here

“Working on this project was definitely an eye-opening experience,” said  Javi Iñiguez de Onzoño, co-founder of Officer & Gentleman. “Not only did we get a crash course on the tech behind restoring these old films from the amazing team at Espadaysantacruz, but we got a completely new prespective on just what kind of wild stuff our ancestors may—or may not—have been into.”

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