Postmates challenges Jerry Rice to catch a flying burrito from 100 yards

The three-time Super Bowl champion makes the catch (after numerous tries)

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Jan 27, 2021

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Jerry Rice has set a new record, not as a wide receiver but as a … burrito receiver?

The three-time Super Bowl champ stars in a video from Postmates and NFL Films showing a delivery no one should expect from a usual Postmates order.  In “The Last Catch,” a burrito is launched toward the NFL vet from a cannon 100 yards across a football field. tucked into a cannon and launched 100 yards. Then Rice pulls out his hall-of-fame moves as he attempts to catch it.

The suspenseful NFL Films narration and music add to the drama, though it's easy to expect that Rice will nail it—he has numerous records, including the most consecutive games with at least one catch (274).

Ultimately, however, it took Rice 20 tries in all with 10 “nearly-catches" before he succeeded, according to Postmates.

“Catching a burrito is a little different than catching a football,” Rice said in a statement. “This burrito cannon would give all of the QBs that I’ve played with a run for their money.”

The burrito traveled at 250 miles per hour out of a cannon custom built by engineer Shea Nyquist. The company says it used 100 pound-force per square inch (PSI) to fire the roughly 1.3-1.5-pound burrito 100 yards.

And in case you were wondering, yes, the burrito included rice. There’s also some grilled chicken and beans inside the tortilla, which was wrapped in foil and then vacuum sealed to keep it intact.

The video is set to run online and marks the end of Postmates’ first season as the official on-demand food delivery provider of the NFL.

Even with its sponsor status, Postmates has no plans to air a national in-game Super Bowl spot. Delivery rival DoorDash is one of the advertisers ponying up for a 30-second spot for the first time, while a burrito is the focus of Chipotle’s first-ever Super Bowl spot.

And Rice? He’s got a spot that day, too. He has appeared in various campaigns over the years and will add to his ad legacy as one of many football stars in a Frito-Lay spot set to air before the coin toss on Feb. 7.

Uber bought Postmates late last year to help boost its Uber Eats business. Earlier this month it was reported that Uber laid off 185 Postmates employees.