Postmates made a funky ‘Takeoutfit’ to wear while eating on the couch on 4/20

Mother LA helped create the apparel, which has everything from heat-resistant thigh pads to removable napkin sleeves

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Apr 20, 2023
Woman on a couch modeling the Takeoutfit next to a Postmates delivery bag

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4/20 is takeout’s favorite holiday, and Postmates is celebrating with a very multifunctional garment indeed—the Takeoutfit, specially designed for worry-free dining right on your couch.

Created in partnership with Mother LA, the Takeoutfit includes these fancy features:

• A fold-down kanga pocket that snaps onto heat-resistant, thigh pads forming a tray for your warm delivery order
• Removable velcro sleeve patches that serve as washable napkins
• An emergency sleeve pocket with a multi-functional eating utensil
• A hidden goodie pouch behind the kanga pocket to hold flavor enhancements like Truff Hot Sauce or “something a little more herbal”

The video below, directed by Kate Adams of SixTwentySix, shows the ridiculous item in action:


A limited number of Takeoutfits will be available for delivery with Postmates food orders on 4/20. They cost $50 each while supplies last at

Woman modeling the Postmates Takeoutfit upside down on a couch

Woman modeling the Postmates Takeoutfit lying down on a couch

The Postmates Takeoutfit folded up on a dining table

Postmates Takeoutfit pouch with Truff hot sauce

Postmates Takeoutfit utensil pouch