Martha Stewart has a solution for your dinnertime screw-ups in Postmates' first national campaign

Campaign from Mother L.A. says mealtime can be easy even for chefs with zero food I.Q.

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May 21, 2019

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Food and entertaining entrepreneur Martha Stewart built her name on teaching us how to DIY magazine-perfect meals, but in the first-ever national campaign she goes a bit off-brand.

A pair of new spots from Mother L.A. and directed by Andreas Nilsson show her teaching viewers how to prepare dishes like Thai chicken wings and carbonara, but things go awry for a pair of millenials because their homes (and lives in general) don’t fit into that ready-for-everything Stewart mold. (One amateur chef keeps her sweaters in her stove, while another didn’t realize his roomie had devoured all his eggs). No worries, because Stewart offers a quick fix you wouldn’t expect to come from such a dedicated maker: “Postmate it.” 

“Postmates is about more than just food delivery, they are about food understanding,” said Joe Staples, ECD & Partner, Mother Los Angeles in statement. “We wanted to show that there are many reasons people order food, and that Martha and Postmates approves of them all.”

The spots are just the first in a series of films that will roll out all summer featuring Stewart. There will also be accompanying OOH elements, radio and social running across the brand’s markets in the U.S.

The on-delivery service serves more than 3,500 cities (1,000 of which were added in 2019) and currently works with more than 500,000 restaurants, retailers and grocery and convenience stores. 

The campaign follows a targeted outdoor campaign from Mother L.A. that last month introduced the “Postmate It” tag (below). The ads were informed by customer insights, tailored to real local data including that tied to the very streets on which they appeared.

Meanwhile, outside of the new brand campaign, moves like this from rapper Lil Nas X show just how far the idea of "Postmating it" can go (he Postmated song collaborator Billy Ray Cyrus a Maserati through the platform).