Intel/Toshiba Debut First Episode of New Social Film, 'The Power Inside'

Something Strange is Happening in the Newest Pereira & O'Dell Project

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Aug 15, 2013

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Intel/Toshiba present the first episode of Power Inside, the third social film the brands have launched with Pereira & O'Dell, featuring alien mustaches taking over the world. The episode begins much like any other horror/action movie, with a couple having a romantic rendezvous in a car, until something terrible--and quite hairy-happens. We then meet the protagonist Neil, played by Craig Roberts, who is introduced getting an old-fashioned shave from a barber played by Harvey Keitel. Neil then heads off to his dead-end newspaper job, where he's sent on a coffee run with co-worker/unrequited crush Analeigh Tipton, who offers him a pep talk just before he lands on what could turn out to be the bus ride from hell.

Will Speck and Josh Gordon of "Blades of Glory" fame are directing the film, which invites you to audition to play a part. The next episode premieres Aug. 22.