The Pringles 'Hunger Hammer' headset lets gamers snack hands-free while they play

Players got to try it out as they streamed ‘Gears 5’ on Twitch

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Nov 21, 2019

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After hours of battling it out on “Fortnite” and “Call of Duty,” even the most hardcore gamers are subject to growling stomachs. Pringles has an answer to satisfy their gnawing appetites so they don’t have to drop their controllers or leave the comfort of their desktops: the Hunger Hammer. 

The Kellogg’s-owned snack brand has created a gaming headset that also doubles as an automatic chip dispenser that feeds gamers hands-free as they play. 

The Hunger Hammer is only a prototype for now, but the brand is using it to promote its partnership with the new “Gears 5” first-person shooter game as well as connect with gamers and their followers on Twitch.

The brand has steadily been growing its presence in the gaming community and more than doubled its investment in eSports in 2019.

For its partnership with “Gears 5,” each Pringles can has a code that can be used to unlock a three-day boost in the game.
Pringles has hired Twitch gaming influencers Criken, DexBonus and Strippin to beta-test the Hunger Hammer playing “Gears 5” during livestreams over the next few weeks. Criken premiered the product on November 18 to his 260,000 followers.
“Welcome to the future of gaming, of food, of snacking,” he says. “Today we unveil one of the single craziest brand promotions I’ve ever been part of.” He slowly unboxes the product and reads off the promotional materials, commenting “this is a lot of hype.” He adds: “They sent me 90,000 Pringles cans. I’m floating in them.”

As most prototypes go, it doesn’t go according to plan. Right away a chip gets wedged in the device, and it takes Criken a few minutes to remove it. “I can see now why this is a version one,” he says.

He ends up wearing the headset for most of the livestream, dispensing a chip every time his character reloads his weapon. At one point, Criken even screams in horror when it looks like the device is going to feed him more chips than he can handle at once. But perhaps that doesn't compare to the crumb explosion all over his desk and floor when it's all over. 

Pringles is also running ads on Twitch to promote its “Gears 5” partnership, and teased the Hunger Hammer and the collaboration with Criken to its 430,000 followers on Twitter.


Nov 21, 2019

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