Progressive's Dr. Rick debuts self-help book for sufferers of 'Parentamorphosis'

'Dr. Rick Will See You Now' is available now for pre-order

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Nov 01, 2021

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Since the 2017 ad "Group session," Progressive has tried to save young adults from becoming their parents, a phenomenon it calls "Parentamorphosis." The insurance company continued to build on that idea in April 2020, when it introduced the character "Dr. Rick."

Portrayed by the actor Bill Glass, the fictitious life coach has become a popular figure in Progressive’s marketing portfolio alongside Flo, the insurance brand's prolific spokeswoman portrayed by Stephanie Courtney. Both characters were created under the leadership of Jeff Charney, Progressive's longtime chief marketing officer, who is retiring in January.

Dr. Rick is crossing over from the commercial world to print with a new book, “Dr. Rick Will See You Now." 

Like the campaign, the 119-page guide was conceived by Arnold Worldwide. In addition to Dr. Rick's advice about how not to become one's parent, the book features interactive quizzes and illustrations. 

Only 5,000 copies will be published by Progressive’s in-house publishing branch, Eleven Letter Press. They can be ordered for free on Progressive's shop (shipping not included).

Ahead of the book's release, Dr. Rick sat down with Ad Age for a Q&A on everything "Parentamorphosis." Read the conversation here.