Puma's book about Usain Bolt contains a hidden animation of his record-breaking sprint

Flipbook biography recreates his feat of becoming the fastest person of all time

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May 06, 2019

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It’s been 10 years since Usain Bolt broke the world record for the 100-meter dash, clocking a blazing 9.58 seconds, a record that still stands today. The feat was over in a flash, but the enormity of his victory is still difficult to fully appreciate.

Bolt bested his own previous world record, set a year earlier, by more than a tenth of a second—an eternity in sprinting. He beat the U.S.’s Tyson Gay, who himself set a national record for the 100 meters in that race. Despite running the fastest race of any American in history, Gay still lost to Bolt by a length. And Bolt accomplished his historic feat in Berlin, in the same stadium where Jesse Owens’ own world record in the 100 meters shamed Hitler and his Nazi Olympians in 1936.

Ten years on, Puma has created an anniversary book detailing the Jamaican runner’s journey to stardom. “The 9’58 Biography” is a 224-page softcover tome that describes the most important events of his life, from his childhood to training to Olympic medals. But the book hides another homage—turn it sideways and it becomes a flip book. The animated Bolt, over 224 frames, runs the race just as he did—crouched, then with a slight hunch, straightening near the end before turning his head to watch the clock as he crosses the line. Each page is also marked with the exact time at that point in the race.

Puma, BETC São Paulo and Havas agency Versão Beta surprised Bolt with the book at the launch of the brand’s Hybrid NX shoe in Brazil. Seventy other athletes and influencers at the event also received copies to share on social media.


May 06, 2019
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BETC-Sao Paulo
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