With Water Fantasy Ad, Nestle Begins New Pure Life Push

Campaign Seeks to Position Brand as Environmentally Friendly

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Jul 31, 2017

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While bottled water sales are surging, shoppers don't make much of a distinction of one brand over another, especially for mass-produced mainstream brands devoid of bubbles or flavors. Nestle Pure Life has done quite well in this environment; it grew volume 1% last year to keep its spot as the top-selling U.S. plain bottled water brand, according to Beverage Digest.

But with Coke's Dasani and PepsiCo's Aquafina lurking, Nestle is not resting easy. Pure Life starting this week is launching a big new global campaign aimed at making its bottles less of a commodity by giving consumers more reasons to buy the brand than just the water inside. The effort, called "Pure Life Begins Now," seeks to position the product as an environmentally friendly brand actively working to increase global water availability.

The campaign, which is from Publicis, includes a TV spot that will begin airing on Sept. 12. It shows a young girl diving into a water-filled fantasy land where children blow bubbles high on a gondola lift and paddle a boat through the clouds. Nestle will use digital videos to make more direct pitches. One video plugs its 12-step quality process, which includes removing chemicals like chlorines when Nestle draws supplies from local wells or municipal water supplies. Another video asks "What can we do for the planet?" adding, "We've reduced the plastic in our half-liter bottles by 40%."

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