Allstate's Chilling Interactive Experience Shows How Domestic Violence Can Trap You

Five-Minute 'Game' Highlights Financial Abuse in Relationships

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Oct 13, 2015

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To highlight awareness of domestic violence and the financial abuse that goes with it, Allstate's Allstate Foundation has created an interactive experience that puts the "player" in the shoes of a young stay-at-home mother trapped in an abusive relationship.

Why Don't You Just Leave? is hosted on Allstate's PurplePurse website and was created in conjunction with domestic violence experts. In the style of an interactive game, it presents the user with a series of choices about whether to stay or leave, many of which turn out to not be possible for financial reasons. According to Allstate, "financial abuse" (when victims are denied access to money and financial resources) happens in 98% of domestic violence cases, and is the number one reason victims stay in abusive relationships.

At the end of the game, users can share their experience on social media -- or find out more about how to leave.