RC Cola's freaky ad is about a marriage proposal gone awry

Latest spot from Gigil tells the tale of a 'toothy' scoundrel to promote larger bottle size

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Jun 30, 2021

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RC Cola and Manila agency Gigil have sucked us into the weird worlds of a mysterious family and an indie band whose members were not what they seemed. Now, they return with another bizarre tale—this time, it’s a love story. 

It opens in a familiar setting at a fancy restaurant, where a couple is on a date. A woman sits across from her significant other, and as she digs into her dessert, she almost chokes on a surprise. An engagement ring! Her partner, Quito, asks for her hand and she enthusiastically nods yes, but things take a freaky turn when the camera reveals who he is—a talking set of dentures. 

You soon learn that’s just the beginning of the absurdity when the spot goes on to show that Mr. Pearly Whites isn’t the dreamboat he appears to be.

The ad continues RC Cola’s approach of “basta,” a Tagalog word that roughly translates to “whatever” in English. The campaign’s strategy has been to mirror the “whatever” mindset of RC Cola’s Gen Z target, which lives in the moment and doesn’t necessarily need a list of reasons to do or buy something. 

Like other Gigil ads before it, this one went viral soon after its release, earning over 1M organic views overnight on Facbook and over 200K in online engagements. The spot promotes RC Cola’s “Qute” bottle, which has 37ml more than the normal one, which perhaps makes sense. As with the waiter in the ad, the whole situation might leave you wanting to take an extra gulp to clear your head of the crazy.



Jun 30, 2021
Client :
RC Cola
Agency :
Founding Partner :
Badong Abesamis
Founding Partner :
Herbert Hernandez
Managing Partner :
Jake Yrastorza
Group Account Director :
Jim Jimenez
Account Director :
Beverly Lubid
Creative Director :
Dionie Tanada
Senior Copywriter/Associate Head of Social :
Greggy Gregorio
Senior Art Director :
JC Aujero
Senior Art Director :
Cath Dizon
Strategic Planner :
Nanais Hernandez
PR Manager :
Zahara Depaling
PR Writer :
Alex Liamzon

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