XFinity Reality Bar

If Sports have Sports Bars, Why doesn't Reality TV have Reality Bars?!

Published On
Aug 18, 2020


So here’s the thing - 26% of all TV consumed per month is reality TV, despite linear TV viewing going down (that’s more than double sports)!!! More so, 76% of people watching reality shows are searching for more information online, making many blogs, recaps and podcasts bigger than the shows themselves! Its official - “Reality stars are the new sports stars.” (Forbes) So, if sports fans have sports bars….why don’t reality fans have reality bars!?

To promote itself as a destination for some of today’s most popular reality TV, Xfinity took over a south beach Miami to launch the first ever reality bar! Celebrating XFinity Reality Week, the bar became an instant destination for the best reality shows and unique reality-TV content in popular south beach. At the Xfinity Reality Bar, everyone knows Lisa Vanderpump’s name, every night is fight night, and the only fantasy draft that matters is for The Bachelor. The bar was completely rebuilt, re-painted, re-imagined, made ‘instagrammable, and even featured select memorabilia from famous reality shows including the original duck phone from Jersey Shore. The bar also featured fun bar and drinks menu, with cheeky references to delight reality TV watchers, like “skinny guac,” “tell me it’s about the pepperoni” pizza, “cougar on the loose” (a cosmopolitan), “desperate story line” (sangria), and “mascara tears” (rosé).

The campaign’s social media impressions and traditional media placements made it the most buzzed-about Xfinity program in the brand’s history. Coverage expanded beyond the sponsored posts category to the pop culture realm and even the business world, with placements from adweek, Bizbash, and the Miami Herald.

Want to get real? The brand saw incremental subscription lifts during the reality bar’s run and immediately following. “Xfinity TV brings together the best of reality television and we wanted to create a physical destination that reflected the curated experience we offer our customers,” said Todd Arata, senior vice president of Brand Marketing at Comcast – We will cheers to that!