These COVID-19 screensavers remind people to clean their filthy phones

Idea from GTB London creatives emphasizes that washing your hands doesn't help if your smartphone is dirty, too

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Mar 23, 2020

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Disinfecting wipes and rubbing alcohol are hard to come by these day, and the U.K. just followed many parts of the U.S. in ordering a shutdown of non-essential businesses, all to avoid the spread of COVID-19. But as many people lock themselves inside their homes and avoid contact with other people, they’re ignoring one of the dirtiest objects in their lives—their phone.

The average American unlocks their phone dozens of times every day, and touchscreens get thousands of taps. In that time, hands might get washed every hour or more, but the phone—which gets close contact with hands and mouths—probably doesn’t even get a wipe down.

Two creatives from GTB in London are looking to change that, with a selection of lock screen images that serve as startling reminders that Covid-19 could be closer than people realize. The images can be downloaded as reminders to clean the phone with a disinfecting wipe much more frequently. The next time that phone gets unlocked, it’ll display the virus in full-color glory, or black-and-white admonitions, whichever is more effective.

Renato Tata and Stefania Esposito, a senior creative and senior art director at GTB, created the images, which were first shared on Instagram. The pictures are also available at


🦠 Anti-Covid-19 Screensaver 1 🦠 Mobile devices are the best (well, the worst) germ carriers, including COVID-19. Yet, the typical mobile user unlocks the phone around 80 times every day and touches the screen 2,617 times according to a study (Source: Business Insider). That’s 80 extra chances – not to say 2,617 – of touching COVID-19. Washing our hands and then handling our full of germs phones doesn’t make sense. Probably, washing our hands after touching our devices could help prevent the spread of the virus. Take a look at these useful Screensavers we’ve created. Now, every time we touch our screens we’ll be reminded to wash our hands again, and to clean our screens, too. #disinfectyourphone #washyourhands #anticovid19screensaver #Coronavirus #COVID19 #COVID Go to my stories to grab a screenshot and use it as a lock screen wallpaper. Trust me, it works. There’s also a link in my bio so you can download the full pack with all the wallpapers and the visuals to personalise your Instagram story. -- Credits: Stefania Esposito & Renato Tata

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Mar 23, 2020
Senior Creative :
Renato Tata
Senior Art Director :
Stefania Esposito

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