Renault and AXA are giving cars and insurance to healthcare workers returning to Ireland to help during the pandemic

Auto brand and insurer step up after country put a call out to medical workers to come home and assist in time of need

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Apr 03, 2020

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Earlier this month, the Irish government put a call out to healthcare professionals in the country and around the world to sign up to “Be on Call for Ireland” during the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, tens of thousands have responded, with Irish natives from as far away as Australia returning home to assist. 

To help make life easier and safer for those frontline workers who have come back from overseas, automaker Renault and insurance company AXA are providing them with free cars and insurance for two months.

The program, called “Covid Car Cover,” was conceived out of Publicis Dublin, which counts both Renault and AXA as its clients. 

Renault and AXA Covid Car Cover

Doctors and nurses who have returned to Ireland in the last month to assist with the pandemic can sign up for the program on the Covid Car Cover site. 

“It shows real courage to come home from overseas to help us fight the battle and we really appreciate what these returning doctors and nurses are doing,” said Paddy Magee, country operations director at Renault Group Ireland in a statement. “We hope that supplying cars to these frontline medical staff can somehow help to make their commutes to and from work a little easier and less stressful, and we and our dealer network are delighted to be of assistance in some small way”.

“We want to help these men and women get organized with practical things like cars and insurance as they prepare to return to hospitals around the country and this is the most practical way in which we can help,” added Antoinette McDonald, a Director at AXA Ireland.