Cadbury's New Milk Tray Man Even Delivers to Yurts in Mongolia

Firefighter Takes Role of Daring Chocolate Transporter

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Oct 07, 2016

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A year ago, Cadbury revived its long-running "Milk Tray Man" campaign in the U.K., with an interactive element, encouraging ordinary people to apply to be cast as the new Bond-like, black clad hero.

While at the time there were rumors (as with Bond) that the new Milk Tray Man could even be female, a teaser for the new ad, which breaks this weekend on "The X-Factor," shows that the Mondelez-owned brand hasn't been that brave -- firefighter Patrick McBride is the same kind of dark, brooding good looking guy we've seen in the past. The difference this time is that he's delivering his box of chocolates not to a castle or a palace, but to a Mongolian yurt -- presumably the kind of place millennials would really go to get away from it all without a Wi-Fi signal.

The 20-second trailer, seen here, is sumptously filmed in Mongolia's Altai Mountains, and the full 90 second spot is promised to feature stampeding yaks and Mongolian tribesmen. Chris Palmer at Gorgeous directed, for Fallon London.