Alec Baldwin Is a Kid Again, Thanks to Derek Zoolander (and Kiehl's)

Martha Stewart, Chloe Sevigny and Other Celebrities Voice Testimonial-Style Videos

Published On
Feb 17, 2016

Editor's Pick

It seems celebrities are lining up to promote the "Derek Zoolander Center for People Who Don't Age Good," which launched last week in New York City, part of a cross-promotional effort by Kiehl's and Paramount Pictures for "Zoolander 2."

In a set of sharply scripted testimonial-style videos, Alec Baldwin (seen here), Martha Stewart, Chloe Sevigny, Giuliana Rancic and Hannah Davis are all played by kid versions of themselves, so only their voice is familiar. The stars gamely satirize themselves as well as the beauty industry as they explain how they previously suffered from ageing but have managed to reverse the process.

Some great lines ("I'd basically become some cross between geriatric Ralph Macchio and Sabrina the Teenage Witch," says Sevigny) and delivery (Baldwin describing how he never goes anywhere without his blanky) add to the appeal of this series by The Night Agency.