TK Maxx's Delightfully Quirky Spot Reminds You Its Stores Are 'Haphazard' but Great

Latest Surreal W&K Spot for the U.K. Retailer Highlights 'Ridiculous' Possibilities

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May 12, 2017

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TK Maxx impressed us last Christmas with its quirky seasonal singalong, and now the U.K. retailer serves up another spot in the same slightly surreal style. The new ad, once again by Wieden & Kennedy London, embraces TK Maxx's somewhat chaotic store style and the fact that, while it might not all be for you, you might just stumble on a hidden gem.

It opens on a drinks party at which the host asks: "Why would anyone shop at TK Maxx?" As the voiceover (by Bill Nighy) goes on to explain that, while it might be a "little haphazard," you can find some excellent bargains. We see, among other things: a woman in a party dress invading a squash game; a man playing a grand piano on a desert island in a series of changing outfits; a couple sinking into a golf course sandpit and a woman sitting on a talking horse in a living room.

Nighy's voiceover includes some delightfully delivered lines -- "It's not like one of those swanky shops with complimentary lattes, but who cares?" -- and the spot ends with the party host answering his own question: "Because it's ridiculous what you can get in there."

The directors were Adam & Dave at Bold, and post was by MPC.

Deborah Dolce, group brand and marketing director at TK Maxx, commented in a statement: "TK Maxx is a different sort of retailer and in this campaign we bring to life the central concept of our model -- that 'ridiculous possibilities' are afforded to our shoppers precisely because of the way we do business."