A roadway safety campaign flips the idea that women can’t drive

‘Drive Like a Woman’ shows how most accidents in France are caused by men

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May 16, 2024
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Time and again, the concept of driving like a woman is hurled as a sexist insult to people who don’t drive well.

Well, it turns out women drive better than men, a campaign from Media.Monks points out for Victimes & Citoyens in France, an association that provides support to victims of traffic accidents and creates awareness about road safety.

“Drive Like a Woman” features out-of-home ads of men driving, with statistics that show most fatal road accidents in France are caused by men. The ads then include like slogan, “Drive like a woman,” suggesting that doing so may save lives, since women are generally safer drivers. 



The jarring campaign addresses both road safety and misogynistic stereotypes about women simultaneously, suggesting driving like a girl is not the insult many think it is. While simple in its craft and execution, it’s the kind of campaign that makes you stop and think twice about both your prejudices and driving habits, making it an effective one on multiple fronts.


May 16, 2024
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Victimes & Citoyens

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