Hello, Kuri! This Robot That Debuted at CES Is the Feeling Person's Answer to the A.I. Assistant

Eleven Created Vignettes to Show What It Doesn't Do

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Jan 03, 2017

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Bosch-owned robotics company Mayfield introduced what may be one of the cutest innovations to come out of CES. The Kuri robot companion is the feeling-person's answer to Amazon Echo, but with the charm and mobility of lovable A.I.'s like R2-D2, BB-8 or Wall-E.

Beyond being super cute, Kuri helps to enhance users' connected home experience. It recognizes faces and emotes with chirps, blinks and nods of its head, it can read bedtime stories to kids and play your favorite podcasts as you go about your day. Its 1080p camera also allows you to monitor your home and pets when you're away.

A new campaign out of Eleven, however, is designed to tell you everything that Kuri "doesn't" do, by showing how it won't spill secrets, how it's not like all those evil movie robots, how, unlike virtual reality, it won't transport you to other worlds and how it won't judge your late-night antics.

"Other robots on the market spend all their time telling you the many tasks and chores they can do, It becomes a jumble of features and specs that make the products become invisible and soulless," said Eleven Chief Strategy Officer Gary Stein in a statement. "So we took a different tack with Kuri and focused on what he doesn't do. We believe this will to create curiosity and interest consumers -- driving them them to the website to find out more."

The campaign is running on digital networks including Hulu and will be promoted through social channels.

Kuri goes for $699 and is available for pre-order in the U.S. with a $100 deposit at heykuri.com, also designed by Eleven. There, consumers can also get more details on its capabilities.


Jan 03, 2017
Eleven Inc.-San Francisco
Zach Math
Executive Producer:
Michael Michael Sagol & Jasper Thomlinson
Production Company:
Caviar LA

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