Rosie the Riveter—and her jumpsuit—are reborn in campaign from Cotton Inc. and The Great

In time for Women's History Month, they're dropping a modern-day one-piece featuring materials from original 'Rosie' workwear

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Feb 19, 2020

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World War II cultural icon Rosie the Riveter—and her jumpsuit—are reborn in a new campaign from Cotton Inc. and fashion brand The Great.

The effort from DDB New York drops in time for Women’s History Month and aims to honor women who are reshaping the workplace today. The centerpiece of the push is a new one-piece garment crafted from original “Rosie” denim workwear from the '40s, but fashioned into modern-day jumpsuits by The Great founders and designers Emily Current and Meritt Elliott.

“For this project, we deconstructed an original ‘Rosie’ vintage denim jumpsuit and reimagined it to reflect a Rosie of today—creating a one-of-a-kind prototype for The Rosie Jumpsuit,” said Current and Elliott in a statement. “Each jumpsuit in the line includes denim from a vintage Rosie jumpsuit, connecting Rosies past with Rosies present, and beyond. We wanted to create a legacy with this design.” 

The campaign also includes a film (above) directed by Kat Keene that traces how Current, Elliott and Cotton Inc. reimagined the classic garb into a new piece that connects modern-day working women to the legacy of Rosies past.


Rosie the Riveter is cemented in Americans’ cultural consciousness as a symbol of women's contributions to the country’s World War II efforts. A "Rosie" was a woman who toiled away in factories and shipyards at the time, helping to create wartime supplies and munitions. She was featured on a Norman Rockwell cover of the "Saturday Evening Post," but made iconic in the classic poster by J. Howard Miller, which featured her flexing her bicep and the line “We Can Do It!”

The new campaign includes updated “Rosie the Riveter” posters that pay homage to Miller’s classic design but now feature accomplished women of today, including Current and Elliot, American soccer player Carli Lloyd, artist Barbie the Welder, Black Girls Code Founder and CEO Kimberly Bryant and architect Julia Gamolina. The effort features the tagline, “Cotton makes denim strong. You make it powerful.”


The jumpsuit retails for $350 and is available in sizes 0-5 (XS-XXL) nationwide for purchase this month at The Great in L.A. or online at