Ryan Reynolds digs at The Rock in ad for Aviation Gin and 'Red Notice'

The actor makes yet another cocktail to hype both his liquor brand and Netflix film with Dwayne Johnson

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Nov 19, 2021

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The VasectomyThe Gin Riblet, and now, The Misdirect. All of the above happen to be cocktail concoctions conceived by Ryan Reynolds and his agency Maximum Effort to promote the actor/entrepreneur’s liquor brand Aviation Gin. The first was part of a Father’s Day promotion honoring dads who endured parenting during the pandemic, the second celebrated McDonald’s cult favorite sandwich the McRib and the last and newest creation arrives to toast another Reynolds outing, his latest Netflix film “Red Notice,” in which he stars as one of the world’s most wanted art thieves who unexpectedly joins forces with an FBI profiler, played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 

The moniker of the new cocktail is a nod to the skills in deception of Reynolds’ character. In the ad, he schools viewers on how to make the potent potable. Not one to willingly surrender the spotlight to any other leading man including himself, Reynolds also takes the opportunity to dig at his musclebound co-star. He notes how tequila is great but “causes baldness” (Johnson has his own successful alcohol brand, Terramana tequila and clearly has no hair on his head). The spot also weaves in fun scenes promoting the film itself, but coincidentally, they all happen to be moments in which Reynolds one-ups, or at least pokes fun at The Rock.

Raising his drink to the camera, he asks, "Who needs all those muscles, when you can have this?"