Ryan Reynolds fights inflation with iced tea in Mint Mobile's collab with AriZona

The actor and brand owner's latest spot positions the brand against ‘big wireless'

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Sep 30, 2022

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Ryan Reynolds is back after…not very long. Earlier in the week, the actor dropped a typically witty new video heralding the next Deadpool movie. And now in his new spot for Mint Mobile, he has a timely message about inflation, which is that Mint Mobile’s prices are staying the same—inflation (and big wireless) be damned.

The carrier, which uses T-Mobile’s network, teamed up with AriZona Iced Tea in an ad that shows actor and brand part-owner Reynolds alongside AriZona founder Don Vultaggio. Why iced tea? Well AriZona’s tea has stayed priced at 99 cents since the 1990s, points out Vultaggio in the spot, which was created via Reynolds' agency Maximum Effort. And “now we’re taking that same non-inflationary tea technology and putting it into Mint Mobile,” says Reynolds, as he pours tea onto a phone. “While Big Wireless continues to increase their prices,” Mint Mobile’s prices will stay the same, he says. There's also a shoutout to both brands being available in Target at the end -- "in two separate aisles," quips Reynolds.

It's not the first time Reynolds has referenced the inflation crisis; the new message follows a similar ad Mint Mobile released in June called “Record Deflation.” The spot also includes a favorable comparison to “Big Wireless”—in it, Reynolds says that as their competitors are “raising their prices due to inflation, we decided to deflate our prices due to not hating you.” 

Meanwhile, other brands such as Walmart have adopted messaging around inflation to reach consumers: the supermarket emphasized its “every day low prices” in an April spot.