Samsung recruits K-Pop group BTS for sustainability announcement

'Galaxy for the Planet' was unveiled at today's at the tech company's 'Galaxy Unpacked' event

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Feb 10, 2022

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At this week’s “Galaxy Unpacked,” Samsung’s event to unveil new phones and tablets, the brand took a moment to address its continuing sustainability initiatives, with the help of K-Pop boy band BTS.

Walking through a warehouse overflowing with plastics and packing materials, the band members, one by one, hold up cue cards painted with a call to action: 

“The oceans are drowning in plastic,” read the cards. “Marine animals are suffering. It’s time for a change. With the power of ‘we,’ ‘us,’ ‘together,’ our small actions can turn a ripple into a new wave. Let’s rethink the life of a product. Recycle ocean-bound plastics, use more eco-conscious packaging*, and repurpose old devices for new uses. Let’s work together for a better future.” 

A projection of the ocean plays behind the performers as they show off the cards. The spot was part of an announcement that Samsung has implemented an industry-first method of repurposing discarded fishing net that might otherwise pollute the ocean as materials to build its new S22 model Galaxy phone.

As conversations about climate change, pollution and green political movements move into the mainstream, sustainability has increasingly become a focal point for brands. Last year saw a rise in environmental initiatives in brand marketing and eco-centric campaigns from the likes of Tide, Corona and Ikea landed in Ad Age's 30 Best Ads of 2021.