At CES, Samsung debuted Ballie, the answer to your BB-8 fantasies

Brand introduced rolling personal assistant, but didn't say when it would go on sale

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Jan 07, 2020

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Of all the inventions unveiled so far at CES this week, Samsung has come out with one of the cutest. At the brand’s keynote address yesterday, the company introduced “Ballie,” a spherical, rolling robotic personal assistant that bears more than a passing resemblance to Star Wars droid BB-8 (minus a head). 

CEO H.S. Kim welcomed Ballie onto the stage, introducing it as “the future of new personal care.” Ballie rolled, greeted the audience, followed Kim around—but also knew to give him some personal space. That demo led into the video above, which imagines potential applications for the device. In it, Ballie opens the shades in the morning, greets its owner, turns on the washing machine, acts as fitness assistant, manipulates that new shifting TV everyone's been reporting on, plays with the dog and bosses the robot vac around.

According to The Verge, Samsung didn’t reveal when Ballie will go on sale, or how much it will cost, so for now, you’ll have to settle for playing with your toy droid.