Oikos Triple Zero shows how Saquon Barkley’s biceps are important for normal life too

The yogurt brand features the NFL running back tackling tasks such as carrying groceries in new ads from Lightning Orchard

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Aug 18, 2020

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Oikos Triple Zero’s new campaign suggests the protein-packed yogurt helps star running back Saquon Barkley with tasks that require a little more strength than usual. Yet the jobs in question aren’t intricately designed offensive plays for the New York Giants—they're the kinds of things normal people try to do at home.

A voiceover in one spot, titled "One Trip," announces, “We all know why the big football man needs to be strong—to get from the car to the house with all the groceries in one trip.”

Barkley’s other feat of strength is opening a jar of pickles. 

“I eat the protein that comes in this yogurt,” Barkley says at the end of the “Yogurt Strength” spot, which features the jar of pickles alongside lots of Oikos Triple Zero in the fridge. 

Both spots include the tagline “stronger makes everything better” on the screen. Both ads come from New York agency Lightning Orchard, which has worked with the brand since the beginning of the year. 

Oikos Triple Zero has been the official yogurt of the NFL since the product launched in 2015. The brand made its biggest bet yet on the NFL this year, beginning with a campaign tied to the Super Bowl, followed by one for April’s NFL Draft and its newest push, which ties into the upcoming season.

“While this year’s season looks significantly different than previous years, it provides us a tremendous opportunity to connect with fans and provide joy and entertainment through our Stronger Makes Everything Better campaign,” James Valdes, senior brand manager, Oikos Triple Zero, said in a statement. 

“We certainly factored in the uncertainly of the season and wanted to create something that worked regardless of how the season plays out,” Valdes said. “We felt it was important in this unprecedented year to bring a little humor and showcase how one of the strongest players in the NFL is just like all of us.” 

In prior NFL-focused campaigns, the Danone North America brand has highlighted players’ prowess in training for the game and on-the-field plays. Barkley and other players showed off their glutes to the tune of Major Lazer's “Bubble Butt” in another spot from Lightning Orchard, "#YoGlutes," that aired during the Super Bowl Live Stream on FoxSports. In April, its humorous ad for the NFL Draft relied on footage from prior drafts, highlighting how the players flexed their "cryceps" tearing up with joy when they were selected by their teams. 

The Oikos spots were shot during the pandemic with protocols including daily screening for COVID-19 symptoms, social distancing and enhanced sanitation protocols in place. The ads were shot on a closed set and when not on camera, Barkley and others wore PPE, the brand stated.