Can Nivea's 'Nanotechnology' Enable This Far-Flung Mother and Son to Hug?

Brand's 'Second Skin Project' Highlights Importance of Human Touch

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Jan 07, 2016

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Exciting innovations have been unveiled at CES this week, so it seems timely that Nivea and Leo Burnett Madrid have debuted this surprising film showing how technology may bring the sense of touch to a mother and son living thousands of miles apart.

Laura, who resides in Madrid, and her son Pablo, in Paraguay, were going to be apart for Christmas. In this video, the skincare brand, via Leo Burnett Madrid, tap them for a project in which "nanotechnology experts" would enable the pair not only to see each other via virtual reality headsets but also "hug." The technology involves a fabric that simulates the feeling of human skin.

It seems to be an amazing development with obvious implications for many industries -- so keep watching till the end of the film. And make sure to grab some Kleenex.

Juan Garcia-Escudero, lead creative director at Leo Burnett Madrid, said in a statement: "As the world becomes smaller thanks to technology and as it definitely brings people closer than ever, we wanted to express that we are also losing true human contact a bit. This is particularly true in Christmas time, when people tend to rely on digital interactions over face-to-face ones, because families are sometimes apart."