Best Buy’s Santa crashes a party of noisy revelers

Electronics seller’s campaign was created internally and directed by 'Sound of Metal' helmer Darius Marder and Bram van Riet

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Nov 02, 2021

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It’s not really Christmas until every retailer reveals their version of Santa Claus in an ad. In recent years, the trend has extended beyond commercial actors to include celebrities playing the coveted role—last year, Xfinity tapped Steve Carell as Father Christmas while Capital One put John Travolta in the red suit.

For its holiday anthem spot this year, Best Buy doesn’t employ a well-known figure, but the electronics retailer does unveil a skinnier, more curmudgeonly version of St. Nick—even if he does still have a hankering for gingerbread.

A 60-second video shows some young revelers preparing for a holiday party with Sonos speakers and a Samsung TV. But all the celebrating inadvertently wakes the big man. He comes over not to complain, but to remind them of their big task the next day, revealing that they're not just noisy neighbors, but Santa's trusty elves.

The campaign was created by Best Buy’s internal creative team. Darius Marder, who directed and co-wrote the Oscar-winning film "Sound of Metal," and Bram Van Reit helmed the spot, with production out of Caviar. The ad will run on broadcast TV and online video.

The retailer will also air other spots that each highlight operations like Best Buy’s order online, curbside pickup option. Such assets have helped propel the marketer forward despite competition from the likes of Amazon and Walmart. For the second quarter, Best Buy topped analyst expectations with $11.8 billion in revenue, a 19% rise over the year-earlier period.